Legal advice.

We specialize in advising on general corporate matters from the beginning of the business or project, including its planning and structuring, the selection of the right vehicle and legal support throughout the start-up process.
We also offer permanent advice in relation to the day-to-day operation of corporate bodies: boards of directors, shareholder or partner,s meetings, audit committee and trustees meetings, in the annual approval of the report and the financial statements, in the planning and execution of operations related to capital stock: increases, reductions, irrevocable contributions, issuance of preferred shares, and in corporate reorganizations, which include mergers, spin-offs, transformations and liquidations.
Our services also include the preparation, presentation and monitoring of all the necessary registrations before the audit organisms, among them, the Public Registry of Commerce, the National Securities Commission, etc.
Our main objective is to accompany our clients in all corporate, financial and foreign exchange aspects of their businesses to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and to propose creative alternatives that allow them to obtain additional profitability.
Insolvency and Restructuring
We provide assistance to creditors, debtors and trustees in a wide range of restructuring procedures.
We advise on restructuring, bankruptcies and creditors' rights. We represent creditors in debt claims procedures and in the different steps of the bankruptcy and restructuring procedure: committees of creditors, litigation related to restructuring procedures, acquisition of insolvent companies and fulfillment of guarantees.
We accompany our clients in the negotiation of debts, including advising in judicial and extrajudicial processes for the restructuring of corporate or personal debts.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Our services are aimed at both buyers and sellers, whether local or foreign, and involve advising on the different stages of the M&A processes, asset transfers, transfers of goodwill and corporate reorganizations in general.
Together with our clients, we participate in the structuring stage of the transaction and tax planning, in conducting due diligence, and in drafting the necessary agreements and negotiating them.
Our services stand out by providing interdisciplinary advice and understanding both the legal aspects of the transaction as well as the financial, tax, accounting and foreign exchange aspects. By doing this, we provide comprehensive advice tailored to each operation.
Foreign Investments
We have vast experience in advising foreign investors who wish to invest in Argentina. We have actively participated in the installation of numerous foreign companies, as well as in legal and tax advice to foreign individuals in conducting their business in our country.
Our services also include the incorporation of subsidiaries or the registration of branches and foreign companies that wish to act as shareholders or partners of local companies, the analysis of the applicable international regulations, including treaties for the reciprocal protection of investments, treaties to avoid double taxation, and existing promotional regimes.
Our main objective is to propose the best structure for each type of foreign investment with a special focus on optimizing the tax aspects of our client,s businesses and reducing the impact of foreign exchange matters, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of your investment in Argentina.
In order to provide efficient advice, we are actively involved in understanding our clients' business. We provide legal and tax advice on contracts, among which we highlight: Sales agreements, Guarantees (mortgages, pledges, assignments, trusts, etc.), Trusts, Leasing, Service Agreements, Construction Contracts, Licenses, Technical Assistance Contracts, Joint Ventures, Distribution and Agency Contracts, among others.
We provide a comprehensive service prioritizing the generation of value through creative solutions in response to the business challenges faced by our clients.
Public and Administrative Law
We provide advice on a wide range of issues such as legal structures related to regulated activities; public works, infrastructure projects, project financing and public-private partnerships; controversies in matters of administrative and constitutional law, in pre-judicial and judicial spheres; Administrative contracts and contractor selection procedures; regulatory aspects or those related to administrative law in mergers and acquisitions, loans and debt securities; and urban planning and licenses and permits.
Litigation and Arbitration
Our services include the representation of local and foreign clients before the federal courts of the City of Buenos Aires and the provincial states -including the Supreme Court- in civil, commercial, tax, labor and collective actions and procedures; acting before various government agencies of the national, provincial or municipal jurisdictions (Central Bank, Consumer Protection, National Antitrust Commission, National Tax Court, among others); execution of foreign rulings and arbitration awards in Argentina; participation in international and national arbitrations as arbitrators, attorneys or experts; credit recovery actions; among other.
Agricultural Business
We have extensive experience in the agricultural industry, advising different types of agricultural producers in every province of the country.
Our advice includes the structuring of agricultural projects from their inception, the preparation of agreements and their negotiation, among them, grain and farm sale contracts, planting pool agreements, agricultural trusts, leases and partnerships, joint ventures, collaboration agreements, sale of supplies and agricultural machinery, financing agreements, milling agreements, and all types of contracts typical of the agricultural business.
Consumer Protection
We advise our clients on issues related to consumer protection regulations and represent them before the different judicial and administrative jurisdictions.
Our services include commercial loyalty, e-commerce, consumer contracts drafting, responsibility and recall from the market of manufactured products, representation of suppliers before administrative and judicial entities, representation of suppliers in collective actions, advice on claims for punitive damages, and insurance coverage.
Foreign Exchange Regulation
We provide advice regarding foreign exchange regulations applicable to the entry and exit of foreign currency in Argentina. Our objective is to keep our clients updated on the new regulations that are issued, as well as on the behavior of the market in order to determine their impact on a certain businesses, and design adequate funding and capital outflow structures.