Tax Advice.

Tax Planning
We advise and collaborate in the tax planning of businesses, developments, projects, companies, assets and individuals, estates to reduce their tax costs. To achieve this, we design reliable structures tailored to the needs of each particular client.
Patrimonial Structuring
We advise on the design of local and international legal structures through the use of legal instruments that make tax costs of holding assets by individuals, their groups and family businesses, more efficient. In every case, we take into account the particularities of each particular situation, the location of the assets and their nature, family planning and succession of their estates and / or company.
Claims and Tax Litigation
We represent companies and individuals in all types of tax disputes in all jurisdictions and courts in the country. We represent and defend our clients and work together with them in the different stages of tax audits and inspections, administrative and judicial processes, related to national, provincial and municipal taxes. In those cases where it is necessary, we seek judicial recognition of the strategies designed and tax advice provided to our clients.
Tax Free Reorganizations
We specialize in advising our clients in the reorganization of their legal structures, business groups and related entities in order to qualify as tax-free reorganizations. In this way, through mergers and spin-offs, our clients can optimize their structures and reduce the overall tax burden.
Cross-Border Investments
We advise and collaborate with our clients in the reorganization of their legal structures and investments that are carried out in more than one jurisdiction. We work as a team with professionals from other countries to advise on the local impact of decisions that have effects in more than one jurisdiction.
Assistance in Audits
We participate and advise in the defense of the interests of our clients in audit and inspection processes, administrative tax assessments, designing and coordinating the best defense during the auditing process as well as in the litigation stage.