Accounting Services.

Accounting and Financial Statements
Our accounting team carries out the processing of information for the preparation of the annual financial statements. If necessary, we work as a team with our clients, administrative department to achieve a process of reviewing accounting information in a dynamic and accurate way.
Additionally, we ensure that the legal and tax advice provided has an adequate correlation in our clients, accounting.
We advise on due diligence processes reviewing the accounts of the companies and / or assets that our clients wish to acquire or in which they wish to invest; and also in those cases in which our clients are going through a due diligence process and have the need to provide accounting information in a dynamic and efficient way.
Tax Calculations
We have the means and trained personnel for the preparation of tax returns, tax calculation and filing of national, provincial and municipal taxes.
We collaborate in the projection and calculation of annual taxes to achieve an efficient tax planning.
Payroll and Salaries
We carry out the calculation of employees, salaries and provide advisory services to those employees, so that they can remain informed and up-to-date of the withholdings that the employer is required to carry out, the collective bargaining agreements that are applicable, the payment of their social security taxes, etc.
Information Regimes
We train and constantly update ourselves to collaborate with our clients in the fulfillment of their formal obligations and the filing of the information regimes required by the different tax authorities.
Compliance and Reporting
We work with the accounting departments of our foreign clients for the correct integration and consolidation of the financial statements of their local subsidiaries.